Top tips for holding a kids party

Whether you are hosting a gaggle of girls at a fabulous princess party or you are trying to corral a herd of stampeding boys all pretending to be spacemen, it’s important that you hit the right note with your children’s birthdays. After all children form these unforgettable memories and expectations of not only what to expect but also how to behave when it’s time for other peoples birthdays as they grow up and become adults. So the onus really is you to celebrate your child’s birthday along with their friends to help them feel like it’s their special day to be celebrated.

However children’s parties are really part and parcel of most childhoods and chances are that along with their own they will attend a fair few over the years of their childhood and while the central themes of cake and games are true throughout most parties, lest one will have (or attempt to at least) its own theme and or defining features. One may be an arts and crafts party; one might be themed around a specific thing that the child of the day enjoys. So let’s run through a few ways that you can keep your ideas and treats fresh.

The cake

Not only is it an item that everybody in attendance will be expecting at some point during the party, but it’s also an event of the day that proves to be extremely memorable. Think back, surely there are at least a few memories of the kinds of things you had to eat at the countless kid’s parties that you attended as you were growing up. That’s because when you are younger you are far more impressionable than when you are an adult and a very pleasurable or enjoyable experience like eating a really cool looking and delicious cake will become way more ingrained into your memory as experiences you have as an adult before you become more contained, matured and less excitable.

So when you are choosing what to get in terms the cake and other baked treats you are going to serve get something that first of all looks great, whether it be a custom made novelty cakes to match the overall theme of the party or just a well decorated and delicious looking regular cake. Also make sure that it is not only a flavor that you like but also avoids as many artificial e-numbers and other kinds of common allergens like buts and seeds as possible. After all a trip to the hospital will ruin the overall mood of the party don’t you think?

The decorations and theme

Now this is an optional choice that while adding an extra level of difficulty onto proceedings can really excite and enthuse both the guests and the birthday boy or girl themselves. And you have to bear in mind that while your child is going to normally prefer what is generally enjoyed by their gender, so little girls in most instances will enjoy a princes and princess’s party, however if you make it too boring for the boys who let’s face it will like a whole different set of activities to the girls, then you will be letting down some of the guests, and that won’t do.

So make sure if you are using a theme of some kind for your party then try to ensure that it’s the kind of theme that both genders and people with differing tastes can also have fun with. One suggestion could be things like a space or a nature party where the food, decorations and activities are based on the natural world in a fun and interesting way.

Gift bag

After the day is all done and dusted, a lot of people like to take the extra step of giving the attendees a little parting gift to show their appreciation for coming. This is usually a slice of cake and a few toys with a card. However, if you really want to make an impression with the take home bag everybody loves, try personalizing them to both boys and girls, or go that step further and customize them down to individual attendees if the crowd is small enough.

Try to think of things that while being small and normally inexpensive, that kids can actually sit down and enjoy for an extended amount of time.