Top Five Events for Custom Candy

If you’re thinking of a great and creative way of treating your friends and family, then custom made candy is always an excellent choice. But when is the best time to buy it? Of course, you can treat your loved ones at any time without an excuse. However, if you’re looking for the perfect time, then we’re going to share some scenarios with you.

1 – Children’s birthday party

When better a time to stock up on some custom-made candy then for a children’s birthday party? Who loves candy more than anyone else in the world? Kids! And of course, if you’re rolling with an exciting theme, then you can order custom candy which fits the theme perfectly. For example, if you were doing a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party, you could have big lollipops and gobstoppers! Your customisation options are practically limitless!

candy2 – Halloween

Again, children love candy! And, Halloween is that time of year where they dress up in spooky/cute outfits and go around knocking on doors and asking for candy. So, why not stock up on a stash of custom-made candy that you can keep in a bucket by the door. That way when ever someone comes to knock, they can take a little handful! Keep the tricksters happy with some delicious sweets.

3 – Valentine’s day

There aren’t many better ways of saying “I love you”, than by offering your partner some custom-made candy. Think of their favourite sweets, the colours and shapes that they like, then order a large batch that will tide them over for the coming weeks! Sure, you should probably get a beautiful card and some other little gifts. However, custom candy is a really lovely touch!

4 – A wedding

Little party favours are always a nice touch at a wedding. So, why not put some custom candy into little boxes that your guests can enjoy after eating their dinner? Or before if you’re one of those weird sweet before savoury types! It will be your little way of saying thanks for coming, along with a couple of bottles of wine for each table of course!

gift box chocolate

5 – A treat yourself day

This is something that most of us don’t do nearly enough. However, we should try to have a “treat ourselves” day every now and again. And what better a way of treating oneself than with a lovely batch of our favourite custom candy? That way you can stay stocked up and keep feeding that sweet tooth of yours whenever you fancy it!


It’s always a good time to have candy, to be honest with you. But the beauty of ordering custom candy online, with a reputable company such as Candy Kitchen, for example; is the fact that you can order them literally whenever you want. So, if you do have a special event coming up, you can place your order well-in-advance and be prepared for when the event finally arrives.