Things to consider when refitting your office

young 791849 1280Your office is in a way your equivalent to a blacksmiths forge. A place for you and your staff to get down to the nitty gritty and difficult work that you have to do for the day, this in turn makes your company money and your employees money and so the wheel  keeps turning. However, unlike a blacksmiths forge eventually your office will get older, and start to look and feel like a washed out and outdated space rather than a vibrant and exciting place to work with a company that is on a the up and up. This can drastically affect many different aspects of your business.

For one your staffs enthusiasm and maximum efficiency will decrease the longer you leave it to replace outdated office equipment and to restyle the walls and replace the horrible uncomfortable furniture, also if you meet with clients and potential clients for face to face meetings at your office then they will most certainly recognize an office that is in need of a freshener. But most people just rent their offices and haven’t got a clue about the process, what to look for or even the contractor’s considerations or even where to start. Well let’s take a look at a few pointers to help you along the way.


Power points and electrics

Do you ever find that your office equipment seems to be burning through fuses and just generally degrading faster than you would have expected? Well this could be a problem with the piece of equipment itself however, if it is more than just an isolated incident you may want to consider that your electrical system that you have is either outdated and damaged or is not currently suitable all round for the scale and applications that you require for the smooth running of your office. And if this is the case ten what better time to get it looked at the when you are having everything fixed up anyway?

You will want to consult with a local company, like this commercial electrician in Perth, who has experience with dealing with commercial premises’ and ideally offices in particular. You will want to check their past reputation with other businesses that had an office refit assisted by them. Another important thing to think about is whether you will want to open up more usable and connectable space in the office to by adding more power ports and maybe some more internet outlets. There’s always a reason to have more space for more workers in an office environment.


Colour scheme

This, while it sounds like a rather non-starter issue, is actually a major contributing factor into how your employees actually feel and view your office as a place of work. After all if you are cramped up in an ugly, washed out and hideously oppressive colour scheme that bares not even a remote resemblance to your brand, then your employees aren’t exactly going to be motivated and ready to slog out a hard day’s work for your company really is it. On the flip side, that exact same feeling will be imparted onto prospective clients and other visitors, not just by the sad look in your employee’s eyes, but also by the poorly decorated, unexciting and not brand friendly décor.

So when you choose your colour scheme for the office you ideally want a bright and invigorating office that opens up space rather than a dark and confining co0lour, unless it is properly done which you may not have the time, money and interest in doing all for the sake of using dark colours. Probably the most important things to keep in mind is too keep your colour scheme as closely matched to your preexisting brand identity. Both for your employees to really feel like their work towards the company that they are surrounded by actually matters, but also for your prospective clients, who will appreciate the consistent brand message across the board and increases your appearance of professionalism in their eyes.

While the word itself is not necessarily any different from a standard painting job, it will pay in the long run to hire some professionals to undertake the work for you. Make sure that the painting company you choose has the experience to help guide you through this process to give you and your business the best results.