Things to consider when hiring a DJ

people 2568353 1280Music is the rhythm for life as the saying goes and whether you are planning a party for somebody’s birthday or holding a wedding reception people have an innate desire to want to get up and dance the night away. In any case many occasions can be enhanced with just the addition of some music alone to get the atmosphere started and get your guests laughing, interacting and most importantly, busting a move. However, planning and executing your own music selection and management as you are both trying to hold together and enjoy your own occasion can sometimes be a little too labor intensive and time consuming for most people to juggle when also trying to focus on the event at hand, so a lot of people leave this to a professional DJ to give them the room they need to get on with the hard task of enjoying themselves.

A professional DJ will not only have the musical talent and technical knowhow to put on a good show and keep the atmosphere pumped at all times but also to supply and operate professional standard equipment to not only mix the music but also improve the sound output. But most people will never before this have had to hire a DJ. So what are you really looking for as a sign that you’ve founds the right one?


All in all one of the most important things that you will need to ascertain early on is whether the musical styles and genres that your DJ is able to perform is wholly acceptable or appropriate for the event that you are trying to hold. For example it would probably be bad practice to use a techno rave DJ for your company’s annual AGM. Likewise it wouldn’t do to have a smooth jazz DJ at a house party where people want to it the dance floor and throw their shapes. If you don’t get this right then any notions that you had about what kind of tone you wanted to create on the night will be completely tarnished and can potentially make your guests bored or even uncomfortable.

When you are actually going about looking at different DJ’s to form an opinion on who you might want to handle this they should be able to describe their preferred genres pretty easily and will be more than happy to tell you whether or not they think the way that they play would be suitable for your occasion. After all they won’t take on and promise completion of a job if it will end up negatively affecting their standing to their customers.


It’s important to know early on both what the venue where you are holding you party or function has in terms of a soundsytem and what they can potentially provide on the night and then once you have this information you can then go to your chosen DJ directly and ask them whether they can fill in any potential gaps that the event may have in what you require. Again they should be ready to tell you whether they can or cannot and obviously the minimum that you should expect from your DJ is a pair of CDUJ’s or decks and a mixer, depending on which style your DJ uses. It’s not fair to expect however for your DJ to able to provide large items like PA’s and monitor speakers.

The best way that you can effectively deal with your chosen DJ not having the required equipment that you need is to contact an audio hire company in order to rent out the equipment you don’t have.


While it’s not really nice to criticize (especially with us not being DJ’s and all) however it has to be said that you ideally want an experienced and well skilled DJ who has the necessary past experience with hosting large events like the one you are planning. Ultimately, you don’t want to be left with a DJ who doesn’t even know a tape deck from an aux lead. Make sure that you talk to them about their previous experience and whether they think they are technically skilled enough to pull of everything that you require on the day. You would’ve never believed that there was so much involved in DJ hire until now. Good luck with your party or event!