How to tell if a martial arts dojo is up too scratch

karate 1664258 1280(1)Now for many of us who grew up in the golden era of kung Fu movies will have at one point shred the dream that many of us keep in the back of our heads to learn some kind of martial art, not just for the aesthetic value but also to keep us fit while at the same time learning a practical skill which is defending yourself in the unlikely situation that you will need to. However, most people understand that there is a lot more to learning a martial art to just learning some fancy kicks and how to punch somebody effectively, that there are also valuable lessons to be learned in discipline and integrity.

After all, the main lessons of kung fu are actually wrapped up in a maze of discipline, self-control and introspective thoughts to truly see how the lesson extolled by the various martial arts and unravel these secrets within the lessons and idioms that you will learn. And obviously to cultivate such a state of mind in their students, a teacher and by extension the dojo or academy that are supposed to be guiding you through this journey has a responsibility and a duty to teach these in conjunction with the practical and physical elements of their lessons, so let’s take a look at the best ways to tell if they are a suitable match for you and your goals.

Reputation and achievements of past students

As with any kind of business these days, a great deal of information can be attained from reading the reviews and opinions of them that are easily found on the internet. This will give you a good idea of how they operate and whether their tutors are experienced and effective teachers in the school of martial arts they claim their expertise in. These reviews, if positive, should talk about how much time they took with each student to make sure they were following along and developing with the rest of the class regardless of the extra time that it took to help their student develop. Any indication that the teacher is impatient or unconcerned with their student’s development would be red flags.

Also to look at in the reviews are; the attitude of the dojo overall, what kind of facilities they provide for their students to use, what they charge for both group and one on one sessions and whether or not they have a large pool of students who went on to either win awards or compete in national and regional competitions that can be verified in places other than the website of the dojo or academy. If the both the school and the teacher themselves ticks all the boxes it’s probably a safe bet to assume that they are competent to teach.

Kind of martial art taught

Before you go diving into the first gym that offers martial arts that you see, be sure to stop and do some research into the kinds of martial arts that are out there and how each of them functions in terms of the physical moves that you are taught to do and the philosophy of this particular system of fighting. For example, Aikido is a very energetic c and aerobic system of fighting and its philosophy matches that with many of the moves that you are taught, involving launching yourself from the ground and performing high kicks and strikes, which may not be suitable for heavier and wider set people.

Conversely something like judo requires great arm reach and those with longer limbs are at an advantage as Judo heavily relies on throws and weight balancing in order to get the better of their opponents and you will find it a struggle to compete or effectively train with your fellow classmates if you are of much smaller stature than them. So make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into before you pay for lessons and most of the time a free trail lesson is offered for most prospective students for exactly this reason. The school doesn’t want you to be disappointed with their method because it doesn’t work for you and would rather be totally honest in this regard.

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