How to take the “work” out of your housework

apartment 162212 1280Everybody wants to come home from a busy day of working hard to a house that is clean, tidy and easy to relax in with minimal effort, and many will spend a good deal of time on top of the hours that they have already worked to come back and tidy, scrub, clean and organize their house to their liking, some people actively enjoy this task whilst others detest it completely. I think it’s fair to say for both parties is that the part of the job that is unenjoyably is the physical effort that is involved in practically every kind of cleaning activity and the less actual “hard work “ that is involved the better. After all, you may enjoy the after effect that your efforts have but who actually enjoys heaving mop buckets full of dirty water around?

What doesn’t help is that people seem to actively make the work a lot harder, more labor intensive and time consuming than it really needs to be, this can’t really be blamed on them as not everybody can be informed of everything all the time, however, if you are the kind of person that can’t stand housework and is looking to lighten their chores as much as possible, then you can find some solace in our suggestions below.

Have a system and stick to it

Everybody likes to think that cleaning is something that you just do and that you don’t need to plan out exactly how you are going to do something and how often. But it has to be said that without some kind of guide to work to that clearly lays out what is a priority on any given time not only can you find yourself forgetting things that are relatively important but even worse still a lack of direction can lead to horrific levels of procrastination from more easily distracted individuals. Let’s be honest how many times in your life have you been cleaning and then been suddenly distracted by your phone for a fairly long time? We’ll all of that time adds up and it’s vital get your daily workload down on paper and firmly cemented in place to cut down time lost.

The chores that you have to do on a day to day basis will generally vary and in today’s fast paced business world sometimes your day is not going to be as uniform as you may hope so your plan needs to allow some flexibility in each day to account for this. Your plan should be split up into days and you will want to lay out exactly what is required for each task and give an approximate time for how long you think it will take, this will give you a rough idea of how long the days housework will take you.

Prevention is better than a cure

What will really cut down the hours that you spend getting your house squared away and tidy will be how much mess that you actually create in a day to day basis. After all it makes sense to assume that if there is less physical housework to do then it will surely take you less time. There is a slight downside to this though as nobody wants to feel like they are walking on eggshells in their own home and some people are just naturally messier than others, but there are things that everybody can do when it comes to certain jobs.

Cut down on hovering and mopping floors by ensuring your shoes are clean before walking through or taking them off completely and reduce the amount of washing up by rinsing and reusing the same glass and coffee cup repeatedly.

Professional help

However if you are finding that your new work commitments are leaving you absolutely no spare time to yourself let alone time that you want to dedicate to housework then you may want to consider employing the services of a local residential cleaning company to take that weight off of your shoulders entirely and send a cleaner to your home periodically as you require to deal with all of the domestic chores for you, leaving you to do only the bare minimum day to day stuff in their absence.

Bear in mind that you may have to go through a few different companies and cleaners until you find one that really understands you and your requirements.