Soundproofing in Schools and How Noise Can Have a Negative Effect on Learning

soundproofIn this article we are going to explore soundproofing from an educational perspective. It certainly wouldn’t surprised to learn how noise can have a negative affect on learning. So, why is it that soundproofing is something which isn’t taken very seriously in schools? There are many schools that will see to it that their classrooms are soundproofed thoroughly, however most won’t bother.

And this is something that we must tackle. It’s difficult enough as it is for children in school without having to compete to be heard in a classroom environment. If there are voices and laughter bouncing off every surface, it becomes increasingly difficult for children to concentrate. Then they’re having to raise their voices to be heard which in turn, creates more noise. This can become incredibly stressful for children, not to mention the teachers!

By introducing a well-optimised acoustic environment in the classroom, life becomes much easier for both teacher and pupil. The teachers will have an easier time keeping their children in check. Students will have an easier time listening to their teacher clearly. Children won’t have to compete to be heard. They will get on better with group work as they won’t be drowned out by a cacophony of loud voices. They’ll be able to focus much easier on their work. It’s a win-win across the board.

sound celingUnfortunately, school soundproofing for reduced noise isn’t a legal requirement in classrooms. You would imagine that it would be, however it is now. That being said, if you’re interested then you must explore the service further immediately. The positive effects that it will have on your pupils cannot be understand. You will notice an immediate difference in the way that children perform. Understand that many children struggle enough as it is with paying attention in the classroom without the added burden of unnecessary background noise.  

You can soundproof a classroom to keep outside noise at bay and optimise the acoustics inside the classroom to prevent it from becoming too noisy. These simple essentialities will do the world of good and the best part? It’s simple and easy to install!  

So, do right by the students at your school and offer them a fair chance at getting the best possible education as they can. As an educator, you have a duty of care to those children, and you are also obliged to take every step that you can to create the most effective learning environment as possible. If your classroom’s have not been built with the acoustics in mind, then you should call a professional to come out immediately to thoroughly assess the premises. They will be able to come back to you with effective and realistic solutions at competitive prices.