Signs You Need Water Pipe Leak Detection Services in Sydney

Do you live in the Sydney region? Are you currently struggling to determine as to whether or not you have a leak on your property? If so, you’re probably wondering what on earth you can do about it without digging up every inch of your property and trying to find the source of the problem! In this article, we’re going to take you through some tell tale signs that you definitely have a leak, and what you can do to rectify the issue.

First of all, if you do tick off the following boxes then you’ll need to call an Australian Locating Services company to assist you. They can offer water pipe leak detection that is unparalleled by any plumber on the market. So, let’s take a look at signs that you definitely have a leak…

water pipe leakage Reduced water pressure

Is the water trickling out of your faucets and shower head? Are you not getting the same amount of pressure as you used to? Then that’s a good sign that you have a leak somewhere. If that’s the case and you can’t seem to find any obvious indication as to where it is, then a locating company will be able to assist you.

Damp and mould patches forming

If you spot some damp and mould patches forming in your house, then you likely won’t need to hire a water pipe leak detection company as it’s going to be quite obvious where to start your search!

Increase in your utility bills

Are you paying an unusual amount more for your water each quarter? Perhaps you’ve spoke to your water company and they’ve informed you that there have been no changes to your prices. Well, if you’re normally consistent with your water usage, then that’s a good sign that you have a leak somewhere. Do a basic search of your property and try to find the source of the leak, but if you can’t find it, then you’ll need a water pipe leak detection expert to come and assist you.

Water Pipe LeakWhen you know, you know

If you’ve got a bad feeling and you’re worried that the leak might cause irreparable damage to your property if it isn’t tracked down and found immediately then it is something that you should jump on straight away. Don’t leave it down to chance or just try to pretend like nothing is happening. If you have your suspicions, then you should call for an expert immediately.

You could call a regular plumber, but then again there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to find it right away. Whereas on the other hand, if you hire Australian Locating Services, which specialise in detecting hidden utilities with pinpoint accuracy, then you’ll be much better off for it!


Having a leak in your home can be scary, especially when you don’t know where it is. It could pose a serious threat to the health and safety of you and your family. What if the water drips down and interferes with some of the electrics on your property? That could cause serious damage! In fact, the water, if left for too long could cause irreparable damage to the structural integrity of your home. That, coupled with the mould that can grow as a result of unchecked damp, is why this is something that you should take very seriously. Additionally, you don’t want to be paying for water that you’re not using! Do it right. Call the professionals!