Precautions to Take When Buying Parts for Classic Cars 

classic car

The world of classic cars is one filled with enthusiastic and passionate people who truly love their vehicles and only ever want the best for them.  A key part of owning a classic car is the love and care you pour into its maintenance and upkeep, but inevitably things wear and break, and when they do you are presented with the problem of replacing a vintage part.  Now for some people this is a divisive issue as for some there can be no substitute for the original and remanufactured parts, which are modern replacements, are unacceptable.  Yet for others this is a non-issue, and having their vintage beauty up and running is the most important factor, and of course there are those that fall between the two extremes and will only replace certain things dependent on how visible they are or what they effect in the running of the car.  Regardless of your stance on replacement parts, if you own a classic car then you will most likely be looking at replacement vintage parts at some point, and when you do there are a few pitfalls you should be ready for.

Authenticity car Authenticity

Whilst most people that deal in vintage cars and their many parts are wonderful and trustworthy individuals, you are always going to get those that feel as though they can take advantage of the passion within the market.  As stated above, there are modern replacements for many vintage car parts and the prices can vary dramatically between the two.  As such, I’m sure you can see the potential for profiting by selling a potentially cheaper modern replacement as an authentic vintage part.  This means that you need to know what you are looking at, do your research before hand and take plenty of photos of your faulty component so you can compare.  If you are unsure, walk away and don’t be fooled.


classic carAs with buying any kind of used goods, the functionality of the part you are looking for is important.  This may not be as relevant with static parts, but anything that has moving parts you should try to see working if at all possible.  If it isn’t practical to see the part working, then you should check the sellers returns policy, something that many individual traders may not offer, so make sure you inspect the part as thoroughly as you can first.


The above two issues are often largely avoided by putting your faith in a reputable parts retailer.  For example, Ferrari parts are very much in demand as Ferrari’s represent many peoples ultimate fantasy car and as such trying to find vintage Ferrari parts for sale can be a complete minefield.  Checking online reviews and talking to other enthusiasts about their recommendations and experiences can help you find decent and reliable sources for all of your classic car needs.  The community will always have a great pool of knowledge for you to pull from, and it is highly advised that you do so.