What you need to organize first for your event

exclusive banquet 1812772 1280Holding an event for your company can be an amazing opportunity to connect with your customers and reach out to your industry in order to raise awareness of your company and give its brand awareness a bit of a boost as people come to glean insights on not just your company, but also the state of the industry as a whole. So with all of this on the line it’s vital that you get it right, as at the same time as a successful event can boost your company’s reputation both with your customers and your fellow industry professionals. Additionally, if the event fails to hit expectations and standards, it can damage your company’s standing with the failed execution of an event.

In order to pull off a successful event you will need the attention to detail of a hawk, the determination of the jackal and the patience of a saint in order to struggle through the many various roadblocks you will encounter. The main reason why expos and events fail to hit the mark is the failure to sufficiently plan ahead for the most important of aspect and to fail to have any kind of value to those who attend, it’s great that you are trying to advertise and promote your company but if the event holds absolutely no value for the people who take the time out to attend then really it’s only going to be seen to them as a waste of time. So what are these important factors that make or break an event? Well hopefully in this article we will go through a few examples of the most important factors you should keep in mind when going through the motions of planning.

Itinerary and printing

The first thing that will need to be nailed down is a specific itinerary of what will be happening when and at what time. This will be extremely specific to your industry and the type of event you are looking to hold however there are general piece of advice and information that can help, which is to think of the specific timing of your event as a general rule of thumb leaving a wide enough margin each side of the individual activity or speaker to allow room for mistakes and organization both before and after as necessary to each individual part. Giving this breathing space is not only good for the flow of the event but also for the speakers and those organizing them as it gives reassurance that they have a small margin of error so to speak.

Once you have a solid itinerary then you will need to let your printer know as soon as possible in order to have your leaflets and promotional materials printed out in time for your event. These leaflets should be welcoming and friendly and abstain from blurring or confusing the information found in the itinerary. It is vital to remember how important some of your guests will find this printed itinerary as it will direct them to specific items of interest and a well written and planned itinerary is critical to highlighting what you want your guests to see and be pointed towards.

Audio visual requirements

Obviously you will want everything to be crystal clear and easy to understand come the day of your event and this applies to absolutely everything, including the speakers and presentations you wish to showcase to your guests. After all what’s the point of sharing knowledge and expertise if the person speaking is muffled, un-mixed and causing so much feedback it feels like you have tinnitus. And unless you have a professional sound engineer on staff then it’s vital that these requirements are handled by an experienced ACV hire company. So make sure that the company you choose can not only provide you with the relevant equipment, but offer their suggestions on what you should be doing and the equipment that you should be using based on their experience with events similar to yours in the past.

You should also look to review what kind of reputation they have amongst past clients and a quick Google search of the company and the reviews that previous customers have left should make them very easy to find.  We hope this article was helpful for you, for more information on av equipment hire.