How to Make Your Job Application Stand Out Among the Crowd

Job ApplicationAs we all know, today’s job market is getting more and more competitive. Having done a degree at a best university doesn’t 100% promise to land you your dream job, especially when you are faced with hundreds of desperate competitors who spy on the same job just like you.

Anyone who looked for a job would know it is a stressful progress you have to endure. It could be anywhere from weeks to months, even a year.

Imagine you are the HR manager who goes through all the dull, boring CVs and cover-letters to try to find the right candidate. What in a job application would draw your attention?

There are many factors that affect your job application. It could be your age, ethnicity, gender, or simply because you did not follow the application instruction. However, there are little things during the job application that you can improve to increase the chance of landing your dream job.


1.    Use a Professional Head Shot in CV or LinkedIn Account

LinkedInA brilliant headshot that shows you at your best gives an instant impression of professionalism, and it can even lead you to the door of dream job. You can be extremely charming in person but in online world for a job hunting, which ensures what people see first is your static photo that portrays you as a person. In fact, on LinkedIn your profile is 7x more likely to be clicked on by an employer simply by having a profile picture. If you have a neat, sharp looking headshot in your CV or LinkedIn, it could be the element that makes you stand out and beat others.

Getting a great headshot that you will love taken by professional teams would pay itself off when you land your dream job. You can consider using professional, reputable company who offers experienced and comprehensive services including headshot and commercial photography.


2.    Do your research

Search for the company, not the job. Make sure they are aware that you are very keen on joining them, and you know more about the company than just the homepage information. Tailor your application to your experience and based on the knowledge you learn about the company.

You can also try contact the company if you have any questions about the job. The person you talk to might recognize your name when you apply for the job, and this is one of the ways that help you stand out from the pack.


website3.    Have your own website or blog

Having a website for your own hobby is a great way to show recruiter that you are a person with passion and desire of execution, and also it is a good way for them to get to know more information about you and your personality


4.    Get Feedback

Consider contacting the company about your job application status if you don’t hear from them for a while. This reminds the company of you and shows them you are very keen on them, and probably that would lead them to look at your CV one more time. Don’t be afraid to ask for reasons even if your application is not successful. Use the insights to improve future applications.