Interesting lunch options in Perth

Perth is a city known for many things, first of all it is the capital of Western Australia, boasting one of the largest isolated populations in Australia, with its closest populated city (being of over 1million people) being in Adelaide which is a whopping 2100KM away. It is also known as one of the cities where the majority of Australia’s export ore and coal comes from, making it a vital part of the Australian economy. On a more relatable level, Perth has also seen vast amount of immigrant population who have successfully integrated into the community and leaving their influences into the make-up of Perth in many different ways, and one of the easiest ways to see this would be in the food and restaurants found in the city.

These different communities came to Australia seeking a better life and to integrate as legitimate members of the society and for the most part they did and subsequently it is easy to find a wide variety of different, interesting and delicious foods from a variety of cultures. From spicy and filling Mexican food to delicate and elegant sushi from Japan, it’s easy to sate any kind of appetite for any kind of food when you are in Perth, so let’s look at some ways you can spice up your occasional lunchtime with some suggestions for different styles of food. So let’s tuck in and take a look.


The Italian community has been part of the make-up of not only Perth but of most parts of Australia and indeed it could be hard to imagine modern Australia without the influence of the community on both the culture and food of the country, with their influences in coffee making and alfresco dining. As such in Perth it really shouldn’t be hard to find a fine Italian restaurant, café or gelatoria to indulge in. As Italians take great pride in their food culturally you can expect that the majority of them will provide high quality, simple food made with the freshest ingredients available.

The variety of food that is on offer in Perth from Italian descent is truly astounding, from fresh pastas and pizzas cooked by traditional restaurants owned by generations of chefs, to laid back cafes offering food in the fresh and inviting sunshine that WA often experiences, to ice cream parlors that serve traditional, cold delicious Italian Gelato, or ice-cream which itself is an artwork that should be on everybody’s priority to try. If you are really hungry and are looking for delicious and home style food that is tasty, fresh and fulfilling then you should look no further than the variety of Italian food that is on offer within a 5km area of you.

High Tea

Now Australia’s roots for those that don’t know are based on the British prisoners who were exiled to the former colonies of Australia, however as well as the convicts that were sent over was a variety of guards, governors and other professions who were sent to oversee and build up the colony of Sydney and Australia in general has always been considered tightly connected to England. It’s no wonder then that many influences from the British can be found in WA and in Australian food in general, from the nation’s love of pie and pastries to the simple barbequed and grilled meat dishes inherent to Aussie cooking. However a great option for lunch near you could be a traditional English high tea.

A very formal, dignified but fun and fresh idea for lunch, being comprised of a wide variety of different cakes and sandwiches to satisfy your craving as well as what should be tea on tap to wash it all down with. There are many different cafes and restaurants that offer this however they are most certainly not all created equal with many establishments either falling below the expected standards or charging far too much for their service. To find the best providers you should consult the web to seek out a well-reviewed and reasonably priced service. After all there’s no reason that astronomical prices should be transferred to the customer as the only expenses are in sandwiches, cakes and tea, what you will find is that inflated prices are due to the locations rent and this should be factored into whether or not you think a place is reasonably priced. Please take a look at this café that offers high tea in Perth.