How to improve efficiency in the workplace

time 2676366 1280As a manager or business owner, one of the main ways that your company will slow momentum is in the work that is being carried out by your team, as either the systems you use fall behind with the needs of your clients or the way that you are working becomes less easy to complete either due to team based or protocol based problems. Many times employers will blame their employees for a lack of efficiency but this is really kind of unfair in the sense that the employees (for the most part) will work as hard as they can but often times it can be a number of different factors contributing to a team’s lack of efficiency, including how the work is to be completed and what resources are supposed to be allocated to where and ultimately they have to follow the lead of management like yourself in order to know what it is you as a company want form them.

That’s why you’re the boss after all, however instead of blaming your staff and blustering about their personal efficiency and take a step back to examine it from a company-wide perspective then you can effectively strategize where your particular strengths and weaknesses are in terms of what you need to control, add or even remove from your company in order for it to function like the well-oiled machine that it should be. However, once you have investigated and discovered the root of the problem as it stands it can be very difficult to decide on what the best course of action to take will be. Luckily in this article we will go through a few things that will help you to decide where to stack your chips, so to speak.


Even the best and most modern offices need overhauling sometimes, after all as the years go on and more and more work gets done there is an inevitable toll that is taken on not only the individual components of your office but the décor and environment as a whole, will take a fair beating and start to look worn out, washed and downright depressing. This also poses issues with the quality and maintenance of the old equipment that you use to get work completed. So in a sense, refreshing your office’s décor and equipment with new and improved modern equivalents can go a long way to not only perking up your team’s motivation and personal efficiency but also to increase their work rate by providing them with the suitable quality tools to get the job done.

If you are going to get your office refurbished then you must ensure that your office adequately reflects you as a business and this is very important to those kinds of industries that meet their clients face to face. You will need to ensure that the décor of the office is coordinated with not only your company’s colour scheme but also your company’s individual style. Also think about what it is that is preventing your team from completing work as efficiently as possible in terms of equipment. The best ways to find that out is to ask them and you may find some enlightening information, like that accounting doesn’t have the best payroll and invoicing software, or that the marketing team are struggling to get materials printed quick enough for their pitches. And then work from these insights to improve upon them if possible.

Manage workflow and completed work using Microsoft Project

In the past it could be a very time consuming and tedious task to evaluate and asses a project in its entirety and to identify which work need to be completed and who should carry out that work. However, Microsoft Project steps in as a new form of what is known as a Project Management System or “PMS”. These programs allow you to designate different staff and resources to specific projects categorized by company name or service received. As a team you can then view the project as a whole, brainstorm about the best solution and to then assign resources and personnel to complete work in a linear, easy to follow and understand way. Get your staff in Microsoft Project training and courses now and your work flow will be as fluent as it should.