How to help your child learn to dance

dance boyWe all enjoy dancing, moving your body to a rhythm seems to be an inexorable part of our psyche and often times you can’t physically resist taping a foot or nodding your head. The same can be said for children, dancing is something they pick up fairly quickly with the right kind of kids dance classes and encouragement from home. Hopefully this guide will help you to help your child learn a dance whether it be for academic or recreational purposes.

Be supportive.
This probably goes without saying for a lot of parents but it pays to invest support into your children when they are growing up, more so when learning a new skill like dancing. Don’t focus on where your c child could improve more focus on their achievements and the things that they have done well. Focusing on the negatives will make your child feel like whatever effort they were putting in that it isn’t being appreciated. This will cause them to feel demotivated and less likely to invest extra effort into learning.

dance mom kidsBe patient.
Always invest in the belief if they didn’t do well in one class that your child will do better next time. Children are the same as adults in the way that their motivation and willing ness to learn can fluctuate on any given day. Obviously if it becomes a repetitive or deliberately disruptive  then this is something that needs addressing. When correcting these issues, come from their perspective, remind them of the things they do well, remind them of their motivation, that its fun or that they want to be a semi or even full professional dancer when they are older and how the time invested now will pay off further down the track.

Be thorough on your end.
If you want your child to succeed in the field of dance its important that you do the work required to find kids dance classes and mentors who you are confident can truly assist your child develop their skills. You want to look for a teacher who is fun, engaging and direct, with good experience in the kind of dance that you are trying to encourage your child to learn. You also want to ensure that the teacher is cleared and appropriately licensed to work with children by your local government.

Don’t compare.
Just because Suzie in the same class is progressing a lot faster than your child, does not mean that your child is in anyway failing or not trying hard enough. Parents compare their children to those they see around them, and while it is a perfectly natural thing to do as it can’t be helped. It is a problem with you not your child. Often times a child not progressing as quickly as other children on paper can be due to motivation, amount of time invested or even the teacher. If your child is slightly shy or introverted it can be easy for them to fall off even the best teachers radar. After all personality shines strong. Particularly in dance.