Hate Networking? These Tips Might Just Help You Turn It in Your Favour

Networking is a vital part of growing a business, particularly as an accountant. The best way to pick up new clients and create exciting business opportunities is to get out there and meet new people! Of course, that’s far easier said than done, particularly if you’re a numbers person and public speaking has never particularly been your strong suit.

For those of you who experience any anxiety just at the thought of it, Prime Numbers Accountants have put together a list of ways in which you can overcome your anxiety and strike up a conversation at your next networking event. Don’t miss out on creating new business opportunities, instead find a way to overcome your apprehension and become a networking wiz!

So, what are the main reasons why we try to avoid networking at all costs?

1 – Not Having Enough Things to Say

That’s just it, if you want to be a true networking master, you don’t even need to say all that much! The trick to being a great conversationalist is by encouraging others to do the talking for you. You don’t have to push the hard sell and bang on about you or your business – simply ask about theirs. The more they talk while you listen, the more they’ll grow to like you and that’s half the battle right there!

2 – I’m Afraid I Don’t Know Enough

Many people try to avoid networking because they feel that they’ll be out of their depth when it comes to how knowledgeable they are. The truth is, you don’t have to have all the answers. Remember that people buy people, so don’t worry about not being able to answer a question, simply refer them to someone who does know! Honesty is the best way forward, always – if you’re new, tell them and then turn that to your advantage by asking for tips and advice.

3 – I Don’t Like Asking for Things or Appearing Self-Serving

Remember that networking isn’t necessarily about what you can gain for yourself, but what you can offer to others. Don’t stress about trying to sign up as many new clients as you can, focus on finding out what people need and how you can fill that niche.

4 – I Find Mixing with Others Boring

We’re not all people person’s, and networking can indeed be taxing, though that’s not to say that you can’t enjoy yourself. If you try to enjoy yourself and just make the most of it, you’ll go home with something at the very least, even if it’s a new technique or some industry related knowledge. Understand that networking is a necessity if you want to pick up new clients and expand your business, so you’ll have to learn to lump it in many ways.

Just get in there, have a drink, listen to as many people as you can, answer any questions that they might have and try not to come across as being desperate. If you treat it as you being there to help others, people will invariably want a piece of what you have to offer.