What is an Elevation View Plan and Why are They Useful?

When it comes to design and architecture, I think we can all agree that the professionals have a secret language of their own. The lingo can become quite confusing at times, particularly if you’re new to the property management business. However, with a little guidance, you can break the code and upon doing so, discover that it’s not so bad after all.

So, what is an elevation view plan? Well, in this case it’s actually rather self-explanatory. It’s a plan of a building which gives you a thorough view of its elevation (i.e., an accurate representation of the outside of the building including all external features).

Why you need elevation view plans

Now that we’ve established what an elevation view plan is, we’ll determine why you need elevation view plans. Rather than a floor plan, this type of plan will allow you and those who look at the document clearly what a given property represents on the outside.

That said, an elevation plan is also useful in that they can represent the interior of a building as well. So, if you are looking into a kitchen renovation, an elevation plan will indicate the height of given cabinets and so on. This kind of information is much more useful than a standard floor plan which only shows the layout and available square meter of a space, not including the total elevated space available.

Certainly, an elevation plan isn’t relevant for every single project in a property, they can provide you with some invaluable information.

What does an elevation plan typically include?

  • The specific sides of a property and all outside features
  • Various grade lines
  • The finished ceiling and floor levels
  • Exterior wall corners
  • All windows and doors and their exact specifications
  • Roof features
  • Patio areas and other external features
  • All vertical dimensions of external features
  • Symbols depicting the various materials used for the construction process

Particularly if you’re looking to sell a property, these types of features are incredibly valuable. But, they’re also important if you are looking to expand a given property as well. For prospective construction companies and architects assisting you in your extension, they will need to have an accurate representation of the building that they are going to be working on.

It’s about providing sufficient information. And if this is something that you are interested in, then a V-Mark Survey is something that is definitely worth considering. Hiring a professional and highly-experienced company to assist you in this can give you an untold number of benefits when moving forward with any future projects.