What to consider when starting an agricultural project

field 196173 1280Sometime the city hustle and bustle can make you feel sick and tired of your lifestyle, often times we are so overworked and under pressure we don’t see beyond our narrow vision of the world and instead focus solely on work and existing. And while every kind of lifestyle undeniably will involve work, it’s not always satisfying and can leave you feeling like all of the work that you are doing is not of any real value to themselves and their enjoyment and satisfaction in said work. And increasingly, many people who have had enough of the smoke and stress filled life that you most certainly get in the city are instead taking flight, going back to our roots and living a rural agricultural life.

While we agree that this is quite the jump in both lifestyles and in terms of actual day to day life, the undoubted satisfaction that you gain from cultivating the land itself until you have the ideal conditions in which to grow your crop of choice, in Australia, corn and wheat are by far the most popular things to grow and the vast amounts of open land that are available in which to grow it are also plentiful and reasonably priced. However this is in any case a massive upheaval for both you and your family and if you are going to sink all of your money into starting up this kind of project there are many important factors that need considering and fully understanding before you make many of the vital choices that are necessary to begin this new phase of your lives, but what are these all important factors?

Financing and planning

As you could probably imagine, with the amount of physical land required and the cost of not only the actual seeds and rooting plants that will make up the crop you plan to grow but also the machinery, fertilizer pesticides that are also needed in order to grow them as efficiently as possible, not to mention the labor required to maintain all of these important and varied factors, this kind of endeavor will require significant financial backing to get off of the ground and often times the start-up expenses alone can make people recoil in horror and go for a less cash heavy and labor intensive investment for them and their families. However it isn’t all doom and gloom and there are many different options that are potentially open to you if you take the time to learn more and enquire about them.

There are all number of ways to fund an agricultural project of any kind, including things like government grants that are awarded to enable people to set up independent, self-sustaining agricultural businesses to support themselves, their families but also the food and supply chain of the country as a whole. There are also plenty of people looking for investment opportunities in this area that would be happy to invest their money in a project r business to help start it up. Bear in mind that with most of these options you will need to have a detailed and extensive business, operations and expenditure plan all ready and able to be shown to both bank, government and independent financiers in order for them to ascertain whether or not it would be a sound investment on their part.

Water supply

As you are probably aware from 3rd grade science classes, plants and most organisms on this planet require water and even the most modest plants can consume hundreds of gallons of water in its lifetime. Imagine that kind of action spread across a group of plants with the scale of something like a farm and how much water it would take to keep them healthy and growing at an optimal speed and quality. Well that’s the challenge that farmers face, particularly when most rural properties are not in any way connected with the country’s water infrastructure, leading most farms to require an agricultural grade bore pump to supply their fields and crops with the necessary water supplies.

These pumps draw water from natural reserves found underneath the ground and pump it out to be used in any kind of application, but in this instance is being used for crops. This is definitely something you will want to know before you go about investing in a property and size up the work that is required if the property does not have adequate pumping facilities for your project. Here’s a link to more information regarding the need for bore water pumps.