Why you should consider installing tinted windows 

Privacy is something that people are increasingly concerned about in our modern lives.  There seems to be no end of threats to our personal freedoms with cold callers constantly harassing us for made up claims or fraudsters trying to steal our personal information to scammers constantly trying to fool us into giving away our money. Our lives are so integrated with our “digital selves” that it can be very easy to focus all of your time and energy on protecting your electronic privacy and give no consideration to your physical privacy.  Tinting your windows can really improve your personal space by adding that extra layer of privacy, but there are other practical reasons why you should consider investing in a reliable commercial window tinting service.

Thermal Benefits

Glass tinting does not have to purely be cosmetic in its application.  The material that provides the tint can contain a capacity for thermal regulation and this means that you can expect it to help keep the temperature of your home more consistent.  This means that you will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so that you have to invest less money in heating and cooling your property.  This effect can be up to 80% efficient, which means that if you live somewhere where it can get incredibly hot, such as Australia, then this reduction can make things a lot more comfortable.  A professional tinting company such as SolarGraph Glass Tinting will be able to advise you on the correct applications and help you make a decision that will provide you with the best results for your property.

UV Protection

window glass tintingUV light from the sun is invisible to human eyes but it can be incredibly damaging to almost everything in your home.  Fabrics, paint, plastics and more can all be weakened and discoloured by the sun.  Most homes have some evidence of this, just check the paintwork behind your furniture and see how different it looks from the exposed sections.  The tinting process can also apply a UV filter to your windows which can almost completely negate this by filtering up to 99% of the UV light.

Increased Privacy

To reiterate the opening message, having a tint applied to your windows can really deliver an increase in privacy.  Especially if you live in an exposed area where your windows are in a position that allows passers-by to look in, then applying a tint can retain your full visibility and view whilst preventing anyone from looking in.  There are various degrees of tint that you can have applied, from a full window tint, which is available in various colours, to a partial tint.  Partial tints can be applied in a stripped pattern and this will retain a good degree of privacy by obstructing enough of the glass but also keep enough of the window open for visibility both ways.

Choosing to have a tint installed on your windows comes with a range of benefits and could save you money in the long run.  If you are suffering from excessive light glare or a lack of privacy, this could be the option for you.