Common mistakes made when planning a wedding

bridal 636018 1280(1)Your wedding, on the surface at the very least,, is a joyous occasion where your family and your close friend all come together and celebrate the union of two families and two people into one new branch of both. Sounds very nice but underneath that calm exterior lies months of preparation, anxiety’s, sweat and tears as the marring couple have meticulous planned and discussed pretty much every single aspect of the day from the furniture you will be sitting on to the food you will be eating, and believe me that all of these different aspects to plan all at once, along with the differences in taste and opinion on how some things could or should be done, you can guarantee that the process of planning the day itself was not exactly an easy task and it is one that has overwhelmed many a couple.

The problem lies in not necessarily in what you have to do but in the choices that are open to you; often time’s couple are left fraught between one choice or another and can’t seem to settle on a solid answer. Take the catering, if you know that one side of the family will enjoy one kind of dish being offered but a massive portion of the family won’t then you may find yourself bickering over some inconsequential stuff. After all who wants to have a pitched row about whether you should have a dessert or a cheeseboard? Luckily there are ways to simplify this process and some people even take all of the hassle out of the process by employing a wedding planner to make all of the hard choices for them, however I n this article we will be outlining some common mistakes that some couples make when going through this process.


While you may just think that the furniture serves a fairly mundane and low key purpose (and you would be right) it’s actually a vital part of your wedding day and accurate calculation both of wheat you will need for the meal and reception and also for any extra pieces you will need as extras and spares for those unexpected or miscalculated attendees and failing to do so can mean disaster for your plans of a sit-down formal meal with the people who mean the most. It will be more of a “half stand, half sit down meal”. To avoid all of this you need to check and calculate and then do it again and compare the results then add a number of extras that you feel comfortable with just in case.

Your furniture supplier should be able to assist you with finding exactly what you need and indeed what it is you actually want in terms of the style and quality of the furniture, but they can also  help you in determining how many chairs and other pieces will be sufficient for both your venue and your requirements and they can give further  advice on how many optional extras would be wise to hire out in addition to the solid figure. Sao just run through your plans very briefly with your supplier before you place your order and ask them for their opinion.


Now this is something that while you are aware is important to the overall look that you are trying to achieve on the day, you may not be aware that most people choose to have their makeup done by a professional stylist or makeup artist and subsequently these prove to have drastically better results both on film and in the spacey and well lit venue that you choose for your ceremony. After all why take a chance; your not exactly going to be able to go back and redo the photographs where you had you eyebrow pencil wonky are you?

Now dependent on your individual arrangements, once you have found your makeup artist and are satisfied with the quality and style of her work then you need to hurry along and book them before they become engaged with another client and you have to start from square one. Also ensure to get the details of any practice ruins that you may have to do before the event itself to finalize any changes to her plans you wanted to make.