5 Irrefutable Reasons Why it’s Time for You to Upgrade Your Car’s Head Unit  

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Unless you’re rocking a brand-new car which already has a rather advanced head unit, then you’re likely stuck with something a little less exciting. The factory fittings for many older vehicles are average at best, particularly when compared to the impressive technology that is being tuned into vehicles today. That being said; if you love your car and you’ve no desire to invest in a brand new vehicle at this time; then why not consider car head unit installs and upgrades?

car head unit

This gives you a unique opportunity to keep your beloved car, whilst enjoying some incredible benefits that most people can only get from a brand-new vehicle. In this post we’re going to explore 5 irrefutable reasons why it’s time for you to upgrade your car’s head unit!

1 – Fancy Touchscreens

There are many benefits to having a large touchscreen in your car! The most important of which are the safety features. Having a larger screen will mean that navigation and control will be far easier. This means that you won’t have to take your eyes off the road for long. In addition to that (as you shouldn’t be taking your eyes off the road at all) voice activation is a handy feature that can make life much easier.

car audio2 – Far Superior Quality of Sound

Is there a finer feeling than blasting your favourite tunes out of the stereo whilst driving your favourite car? Yes. It’s blasting your favourite tunes out of a brand new, upgraded head unit with superior speakers. There’s nothing worse than feeling your car rumble every time the bass drops on a song. – It’s time to remedy that!

3 – Seamless Phone Connectivity

Connecting your mobile phone to your car via Bluetooth is one of the handiest feats of technology you can get in a modern car. With voice activation allowing you to make instant phone calls, and being able to ask Siri who matey boy from that film with what’s her face in it, without taking your eyes off the road; what more could you want?

 4 – Enhanced Connectivity Options

Still got a smashing playlist on an old USB you’ve got? Or perhaps you’d rather play music through an iPod via an AUX cable? Whatever the case, having an upgraded head unit will provide you with a variety of connectivity options to choose from. No more eye-spy on those long, quiet journeys – More music please

5 – Because it Looks Good and Feels Better

Again, not everybody can afford to invest in a brand-new car every couple of years. And besides that, if you’re motor works and you love it, why should you have to part with it? Provided that you maintain a vehicle well, you can get a lot of years of use out of it. Invest in your car, upgrade your head unit and not only will it look incredibly cooler, but you’ll feel a whole lot better whilst behind the wheel. – Go on…treat yourself.