5 Backyard Trends That Add the Most Value to Property

yardIf you are a person who loves spending time outdoor, a modern beautiful backyard is a must-have for your property. A charming and renovated backyard not only will reflects your personality but also add the most value to your property.

Have you always been dreaming about creating a backyard that looks like the photos you see online or on magazines, but you are tight on budget? Don’t worry. Creating a trendy backyard does not mean you have to include everything trendy in a backyard, and that could cost a lot. A beautiful backyard does not have to cost a lot nowadays as long as you know what to do and how to do. Here I have 5 tips below for you to create a trendy backyard that increases your life quality and adds value to your property.

1. Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor KitchenAn outdoor kitchen would become one of the best landscapes in your backyard. How nice it is to cook meanwhile enjoying the sunshine and breeze. If you like throwing a family and friends party in your backyard, an outdoor kitchen is such a good way to get everybody participating and contributing in making a meal together, also a great way to boost interactions.

You can buy backyard cabin in the market and renovate it into an outdoor kitchen.

2. Healthy Lawn

The term “greener pastures” is a positive term for a reason. A healthy and well-maintained lawn will not just be an envy in the neighborhood but will also add great value to your property. Not to mention, it is one of the first things people notice as it is part of the exterior of most places. If you’re based in NSW Australia, it’s even easier to make this a reality with some ready to go turf in Sydney from A View Turf. Contact them for more information and advise on which one suits your needs best.


3. Landscapes Lighting

LightingI can’t tell you how much beauty and value good lighting adds to your backyard. It simply shows off your backyard for you with zero effort. You want to spend time in your backyard after sunset, and you don’t want to trip or bump into things at night. That is where appropriate lighting comes into place. Add some table lanterns, floor lamps or LED lights that can be installed around fixtures in backyard.

4. More Trees

Trees are something that appreciates over time while everything else depreciates. It is said by experts that it is usually better to plant younger trees and let it grow. Trees take years of time to grow, by the time you sell your property (if you are ever going to) it will increase the value of your property. Not only will it create shady spots but also add a sense of life in your backyard.

5. Backyard Sanctuaries

The key feature is water. The trends are fountains, spa, hot tub or a small pond. Running water in the backyard is a big trend at the moment. A hot tub or a spa where you can relax and unwind is also a great choice for a backyard renovation project.