4 promotional products you should be using

promotional productsNow in today’s modern consumer driven world of capitalist monopoly, the main emphasis for businesses looking to expand their presence has been largely focused online, and that’s understandable, it is a very powerful tool that allows you to connect with disparate customers from all over your service area without much effort, exactly at the point where they will need you. However there has been a significant neglect in some people’s eyes of the local business that a lot of companies while they do not focus quite so much on it is equally and for some industries  more, important than the online side of your business. So why aren’t they focusing on revenue streams that literally flows past their front doors?

Well it’s not like it’s quite as hard as it used to be, in fact the ease of finding things like cool and eye catching corporate promotional products that are emblazoned with your companies colors, logo and name to help spread the news about you, your company and what you do. However, it’s a field that not many people have intimate experience with this process or even what kind of products work for this kind of marketing, so let’s take a look at some of the best and most effective items to use.


coffee loversT shirts can be some of the most eye-catching and attractive pieces of promotional gear that your company can produce. After all if you manage to nail a particularly cool design that not only is great to wear but also clearly displays your companies name, logo, colors and other relevant branding then what these essentially become is a walking, moving and most importantly, practically free billboard advertising your company to anyone who might happen to walk past them while they are wearing it. Just bear in mind the double, edged nature of the shirt as if you get the design wrong then the only place it will be going is relegation to night clothes.

Bagsbag cotton

The bag is very similar to the t-shirt in the way that it is a wearable and publicly visible piece of gear and if customized properly can even add a flare of style to the clothes being worn by the holder. However the edge that bags have over shirts is they is a practical item with a use which means that it will be used repeatedly; at least that’s the idea. And when using it the recipient will be confronted with your companies’ name, branding and message as well as recalling even subconsciously when they received the bag and how. This will help to reinforce your company in their heads.


coffee mugEverybody has one don’t they, that one branded mug in the back of your cupboard that has seemingly been there for all of time but was given to you at the bosses leaving party as a token of his esteem. Even still, the likelihood is that you will not throw the cup away and this is really where it comes into its own. If you think about it the best kind of advertisement you can have is a permanent one and unless it becomes broken, the majority of people will be reluctant to throw away a cup. Because for some reason in our heads there’s always the chance that you could one day need to make tea for a battalion of thirsty soldiers. And that means that it will inevitably sit in the cupboard, repeating the message every time it is viewed or used. Meaning that there is a huge number of opportunities for the cup to be reinforcing your brand and company on a near daily basis until the thing breaks.


bottle opener keyringKeyrings are a staple of the promotional product world and they have many applications. No one is quite sure how it came about but it’s become a very [popular route for companies to display themselves. A great facet of keyrings is that they will always be held and looked at to some degree at least twice a day for the most part, once when opening the door and once when coming back home as well. If you can then combine the keying with a practical item like a bottle opener or a multi tool, then you have a serious amount of exposure happening with the recipient.