Finding the Best Wedding Venue

When it comes to your special day, there are certain things that you simply must get perfect and the venue is one of them. Why? Because that’s where you’re going to spend the entire day and evening with all of your friends and family. It has to be able to accommodate everyone; it needs to be beautiful and picturesque; you’ll need a stocked bar with plenty of space, a buzzing dance floor and so much more! You need to think of things like accessibility, parking and other boring yet irrefutably vital factors of that nature as well. Let’s begin with some of the basics:


The best venues offer flexibility on things like using outside catering services and bringing your own booze etc. There will likely be a fee involved for not using their in-house catering, but if you’ve found the best wedding catering company and really want them to attend your wedding then it’s nice being able to have that option. Similarly, some of your guests might not fancy spending a ridiculous amount of money on booze and may favour bringing their own wine, in which case it’s worth selecting a venue that has quite relaxed policies in that regard.


One of the most important factors when hiring a wedding venue is the location! You’ll want it to have plenty of beautiful scenery for those awesome wedding shots, but you also want to be in a relatively convenient spot as well. There’s no good asking all of your guests to find a venue that is stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Great lighting

You may think that you’ve found the perfect venue but unless it has plenty of lighting then you may wish to reconsider. There’s nothing worse than committing to a venue only to find that the lighting is terrible on the day, ruining your wedding photos.


Especially if you’re inviting a lot of guests, you must find a venue that can comfortably accommodate everyone. You want people to be able to get up and move around freely without being cramped in or unable to move. This is particularly important in the evening when you are all partying and dancing around!


Some venues are located in public areas, which is why it is vital that your spot offers plenty of privacy and is closed off from the outside world. You don’t want stragglers coming in and crashing your wedding, or to have footballs and fribees fly over whilst you’re trying to enjoy your wedding feast!

Nature proof

Be mindful of the fact that it may well rain on your wedding day. You’ll need to account for this and have a Plan B so that you don’t all get soaked through and ruin the day altogether.

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